First Call of Duty Challengers Cup of 2022 circuit rescheduled after launch of Vanguard season one

We still don't know the third game mode, either.

Image via Call of Duty League

The start of the Call of Duty Challengers season for competitive Vanguard has been delayed one week, the CDL announced today.

The event has been pushed back from its original date of Dec. 3 to 4 to Dec. 11 to 12 to allow the Challengers season to “kick off after the release of Vanguard Season 1,” according to the Call of Duty League. Players who have already signed up for any of the Challengers Cups don’t need to sign up again. 

In addition, players can start to earn Challengers Points as of Dec. 6.

Speculation of a potential postponement of the first Challengers event arose after former Atlanta FaZe substitute GRVTY tweeted on Nov. 26 requesting the CDL to delay the season “until there is a third game mode and major game bugs affecting gameplay are patched.” DotZeb, who works in competition operations for the Call of Duty League, responded that he’s acknowledged GRVTY’s tweet and would pass the message onto the team. He also said there had been a “hard pause” on work due to Activision Blizzard employees being given a week off ahead of Thanksgiving in the U.S.

The Call of Duty League announced the 2022 Call of Duty Challengers season schedule on Nov. 19, informing players where they could sign up for the first two Challengers Cups ahead of time. But APAC participants found themselves without any way to sign up. 

In addition to the schedule, the first version of the CDL ruleset for Vanguard was released with no information around what the third game mode will be to complete a best-of-five series in both Call of Duty League and Call of Duty Challengers play. Professional players like two-time world champion and Atlanta FaZe assault rifle player Arcitys are even starting to show concern over the lack of a third game mode.

Vanguard season one is set to begin on Dec. 8, including early access to the new Warzone map, Caldera, for players who own the latest Call of Duty title. But competitive players will be paying close attention to the update to see if any new maps and game modes, like Capture the Flag or Control, enter the fray.