Here are the current Gentlemen’s Agreements for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

There are some complex GAs for Cold War.

Photo via Call of Duty League™

Despite the Call of Duty League already providing an official ruleset for the 2021 competitive season, professional players still form an additional set of items they agree not to use known as Gentlemen’s Agreements (GAs).

Every year, Call of Duty is catered to help casual players have fun, which is completely understandable. But when you have a league that Activision reportedly charged $25 million per franchise spot for, the pros deserve better support from both the league and the game’s developers.

Call of Duty titles are always plagued with a large number of uncompetitive items, such as shotguns, light machine guns, UAVs, and C4s—most of which are instantly banned by the league.

If certain features or weapons aren’t banned in the official ruleset, however, the pros are quick to identify the leftover items that they deem uncompetitive and vote on whether they should be avoided in pro play and added to the list of GAs.

In past titles, the lists were fairly straightforward. But because of the new attachment and Field Upgrade systems introduced since the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and a new scorestreak system, the Cold War list is complex, to say the least.

Here are the current GAs in Black Ops Cold War, as well as additional lists for North American and European amateurs, both of which have their own voting system that’s separate from the pros.

Gentlemen’s Agreements v3.0.0


  • Assault Rifles
    • AK-47
    • XM4
  • Submachine Guns
    • KSP 45
  • Pistols
    • 1911
    • Magnum
  • Snipers
    • All Sniper Rifles are restricted in all game modes. This now includes Search and Destroy.


  • Optic
    • Thermal sights
    • No scopes (on AR’s)
  • Barrel
    • Task Force
  • Body
    • All body attachments
  • Muzzle
    • KGB Eliminator
    • Socom Eliminator
  • Magazine
    • All Magazine attachments on the AK-74u

Perks and Wildcards

  • Wildcard
    • Perk Greed
    • Law Breaker is only allowed without overkill.
  • Perk
    • Gearhead
    • Gung-Ho
    • Assassin


  • Lethal
    • Molotov
    • Frag grenades
  • Tactical
    • Stun grenades
    • Smoke Grenades are restricted in all game modes. This now includes Search and Destroy.
  • Field Upgrade
    • Jammer
    • Teams limited to three Trophy Systems in all game modes.


  • Artillery at 1,600 score and Cruise Missile at 2,000 score.
  • You must use all three strikes from the artillery at the same time. You can ping without using the strikes though.


  • Auto Sprint must be disabled.

Challengers only (all regions)

  • QBZ

European only

  • Weapon variants
  • Restricted to 2x trophies
  • Magazines on AK-74u are allowed.