Call of Duty League Hardpoint rotations in Black Ops Cold War

It's important to know your rotations.

Image via Activision

Hardpoint has returned as a game mode in the Call of Duty League for the 2021 season in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

The fast-paced respawn mode will likely be played in games one and four of a five-game series, so it’s important for teams to be on top of their game when it comes time for this mode.

The most important part of Hardpoint, aside from killing the enemy and staying alive, is knowing the rotation of Hardpoint objectives. Rotating early to lock down spawn points is key to winning multiple hills in a row.

There are five potential Hardpoint maps during CDL matches: Apocalypse, Checkmate, Garrison, Moscow, and Raid.

Here are all of the Hardpoint rotations for the 2021 CDL Hardpoint maps in Black Ops Cold War.






This article will be updated if Hardpoint maps are added or removed from the ruleset.