All bunker locations and codes in Call of Duty: Warzone

Bunkers contain some of Warzone's best loot.

Image via Activision

Finding loot in Call of Duty: Warzone can make or break your chances of winning the game. Players who have the best gear will have the best chance of outdueling their opponents, surviving battles, and successfully navigating to safety.

There are several locations on the map called bunkers that contain some of the best loot available. The bunkers take some setting up to get into as well as putting the players who choose to attempt entry into danger of nearby enemies. But one bunker’s worth of loot can give you the edge you need to win the game.

While there have always been bunkers available in the game, access was recently added to six locations by inputting a code into a keypad at the location. These areas have become extremely popular and are often where players will be able to find and eliminate enemies attempting to enter.

Here are the locations for these bunkers currently in Warzone.

Keypad Locations

Image via Activision

Prison Shack


Located west of the Zordaya Prison Complex, there stands a small shack on its own. At the door to the shack, there will be a keypad. Enter the provided code onto the keypad and you will be able to open the door and collect the loot contained inside.



Once at Farmland, navigate to the largest structure. Inside this barn, look underneath the stairs, where you will find the keypad to enter the corresponding code. Inside this vault is some of the best loot available in Warzone.

South Junkyard Bunker


Around Junkyard, there are two separate keypad locked bunker locations. The first can be accessed through the singular bunker that appears south of Junkyard. Once you enter the door you will descend stairs before finding a large, reinforced door that can be opened with the keypad on the right-hand side.

North Junkyard Bunker


On the north side of the bunker, you will see a series of three bunkers attached to one building. Navigate to the door on the right-hand side and enter. Through the door, you should see a large, reinforced door with a keypad to enter the code.

Park Bunker


Below Tavorsk Park, slightly above St Spomenik, on the side of a small hill is hidden a bunker. Enter the bunker, and you’ll be met with another reinforced door accompanied by a keypad. Enter the code provided to unlock the door and gain access to its contents.

TV Station


East and below TV Station, players will see a small shack alone on the roadside. This building should have a keypad out front. Simply enter the access code to open the door and allow the player to collect the loot inside.

Remaining Bunkers

There are eight remaining bunkers that can be accessed by using the red access card that can be found in loot crates around the map. This item is extremely rare and often will go unseen throughout games. For players who find the access card, these bunkers can provide extremely valuable loot to assist them throughout the game.

  1. Head northeast from the Prison, and you will see a bunker cut into the side of a cliff with access below the bridge.
  2. Between Quarry and Lumber above the train tunnel, a bunker can be found.
  3. On the west side of the map nearby the North Junkyard Bunker, players will be able to see a singular bunker alone that can be accessed with the use of the red access card.
  4. On the northwest side of the map, nearby the dam, players will spot a sign with Russian lettering in the cliffs. Right above this is access to a bunker.
  5. Right above Crash Site in the hills to the west, players will be able to spot another bunker.
  6. Heading east of TV station towards the northeast of Stadium, players will be able to access a trap door taking them to the entry to the bunker.
  7. Right across from bunker six, descend the set of stairs to find the entrance to this location.
  8. This bunker is located on a cliff facing right at the bottom of the map. Players will be able to drop down onto a ledge to access the entry and will be able to return to the road via a small path.

Bunker 11

There is one more bunker accessible in Warzone known as bunker 11. Entering the bunker will force the player to solve a puzzle around the map that, in turn, will open the bunker.

This puzzle will require players to split up, tracking down phones around the map that will feed them three digits corresponding to another set of phones around the map.

Reddit user NoahJ456 has put together a map showcasing all the possible locations for activation phones and their corresponding known sets. Also in his guide, Noah showcased the translations for the Russian numbers and how to interpret the Morse code required to get into Bunker 11.

Stadium Bunker

There is one final bunker location hidden in the Warzone map, and this is inside of the Verdansk Stadium. Entering this bunker requires players to complete a series of code-breaking challenges using numbers displayed on nearby computers to solve several codes that will open doors taking the team further into the vault.

Firstly players will need to acquire a blue key card that will have an access code for a locked door in the stadium. The access codes for each location are as follows:

  • P216 – Parking Basement
  • EL21 – 2nd Level
  • CL19 – 1st Level

Inside these rooms will be symbols displayed on a computer screen integral to deciphering the code and gaining access to the bunker. Once you have successfully worked out what numbers correspond to each symbol, you will be able to open the vault by inputting the completed code. Inside you will find access to some of the game’s best loot. But be mindful this code changes every game, and you will not be able to enter with the same code each time.