100 Thieves, Gucci launch collaborative luxury clothing project that includes a $2,400 backpack

The new, luxury backpack launched by the two parties is available now.

Image via Gucci and 100 Theives

100 Thieves and Gucci have launched their collaborative clothing project featuring a new, luxury backpack. The collaboration “draws on the shared values of freedom and self-expression,” according to Gucci. 

Fans looking for a complete clothing line out of the two parties will find that the only new item launched by Gucci as a result of this collaboration is the “Off the Grid” backpack, which features a red color scheme as well as the logos of 100 Thieves and Gucci plastered across the body of the back. With four different compartments, the backpack itself is quite large and retails for $2,400.  

Fans of 100 Thieves can head to the official website of the collaboration to find many of the organization’s content creators decked out in Gucci clothes, modeling some already-existing items available from the luxury brand. 

Each of the content creators showcased on the collaborative site sport a different “look” comprising several different clothing articles. Consumers can purchase a certain content creator’s look altogether or they can shop for items individually. 

Keep in mind that since Gucci is a luxury clothing brand, the clothing articles modeled by 100 Thieves content creators such as Valkyrae, CouRage, and Nadeshot are all relatively expensive. A full “look” featured in the collaborative effort averages several thousand dollars in price. Valkyrae’s outfit that she models in the promotional video for the 100 Thieves x Gucci collaboration, for example, costs over $7,000.