Substitutions: How to Utilize Large Rosters

The 2015 OGN Spring finals would see Easyhoon play in all three games in an SKT victory, putting "the world's best player" on the bench for the most important match in the entirety of the tournament. What is the strategy behind using substitutions?

The History of Pobelter: Born to Compete

The average 14-year-old faces adversity in the transition to high school. The average 14-year-old enjoys partying, hanging out with friends, and playing sports. Eugene Park was not the average 14-year-old.

2015 Fantasy LCS Spring: Strategy Guide

Fantasy LCS will return next week, and with it, a new season of play. Released in beta before the 2014 Season, Fantasy LCS is similar to those of other major sports. With Fantasy LCS, fans join a league and create a team;

5 Teams to Watch For in 2015

As we enter the new year, we approach the start of the fifth competitive League of Legends season. 2014 was filled with enticing storylines across the world; from the success of Edward Gaming to the mid-split collapse of CLG.