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Chinese team Newbee wins $5 million grand prize at Valve's The International

A full house at Seattle’s Key Arena just watched a team of pro gramers take home a $5 million prize
4 years ago - The OP

Evil Geniuses' Clinton 'Fear' Loomis: 'This is a team that needs to win'

Clinton “Fear” Loomis is a Dota legend
4 years ago - The OP

The competitors aren't the only ones making money at The International

At The International 4, Valve’s $11 million dollar super tournament, the line at the Secret Shop wraps around the building
4 years ago - The OP

Newbee draws first blood at The International

Fans were treated to a fantastic opening match at The International, Valve’s $11 million dollar Dota 2 tournament
4 years ago - The OP

Underdog Team Liquid shines at The International

The first official day of Valve’s Dota 2 tournament the International was met with the fanfare one would expect from a $10 million dollar tournament
4 years ago - The OP

Now you've got no excuse to miss the biggest esports event of all time

The International, the annual Dota 2 tournament and the largest esports of event of all time, started today
4 years ago - The OP

Who is Twitch's deep-pocketed mystery donor?

Video game streaming site Twitch has grown to extraordinary size and influence over the gaming world
4 years ago - Culture

Thousands watch as Invictus Gaming take ESL crown in former World Cup stadium

With the biggest esports tournament in history less than a month away, fans were treated to an enticing preview this weekend
4 years ago - The OP

Anxiety attacks may sideline team in $10 million esports tournament

One of the best Dota 2 teams in the wolrd might lose their opportunity to play at the biggest esports event of all time because one of its players suffers from recurring anxiety attacks
4 years ago - The OP

Chinese 'Dota 2' team denied visas for biggest esports event of all time

If you’re a team set to compete for millions of dollars in prize money, the last thing you want is some paperwork standing in your way
4 years ago - The OP