Wraith portal bug allows players to shoot weapons in the Void—again

The infamous glitch has returned.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Wraith’s portal is undoubtedly one of the most useful abilities in Apex Legends. It allows for quick escapes, sneaky flanks, and even tricks like kidnapping an unsuspecting enemy player. Sometimes, though, glitches with her portal can turn into exploits. Apex players figured out another bug with her portals earlier this week.

Apex YouTuber RossBobSquirrel discovered that, by perfectly chaining Wraith’s ultimate ability with her tactical, she can keep moving in the Void without being locked in an animation. This lets her pull out and shoot her weapons while invulnerable. The shots fired in the Void won’t deal any damage, but will most likely catch the enemy off-guard as the player becomes visible again. This also lets them bypass the animations from drawing the gun.

To trigger the glitch, Wraith has to first use her ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift, followed by a perfectly timed tactical. When executed properly, the glitch allows players to keep moving as if they weren’t in the Void at all, including pulling out their weapons and shooting at unsuspecting enemies.

According to the video, the exploit requires very precise timing which can be difficult to get down. Because of that, it most likely won’t see much use in the game. Since it can still give an unfair advantage in a gunfight, players can expect Respawn Entertainment to patch it out in a future update. Those who abuse the glitch can also be punished for it.

Various bugs have impacted Wraith’s abilities throughout Apex‘s lifetime. The glitches have allowed her to Phase Shift indefinitely, help her teammates regain normal movement speed while downed, and even reload and shoot her weapons in the void—a bug that seems to have made yet another return in season 11.