Apex bug that lets players shoot while in the Void returns in season 7

Time to patch it out—again.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

One of Apex Legends’ most infamous glitches has made a comeback with the new season.

A returning exploit lets players shoot weapons while phased using Wraith’s tactical ability, and it’s not the first instance of the bug in the battle royale.

The glitch is easy to replicate and only requires a Trident. Players just need to board the passenger’s seat, use their tactical, and jump out before the duration of the phase ends. Shots fired in the rift don’t seem to cause damage and have no particle effects. Dot Esports tested and found that shots didn’t leave marks on walls and didn’t seem to hit teammates either.

Even if it doesn’t let players fire from the Void, the exploit can grant a significant advantage in a firefight. It cancels out the long animation after Wraith’s tactical and lets the legend come out of invulnerability with guns blazing.

The effect is particularly devastating using weapons such as the Havoc and Devotion due to their unique charge-up mechanics. The effect is even more pronounced with the latter since Wraith can emerge with a full fire rate instead of waiting for it to reach the maximum level.

Wraith’s phasing has caused several bugs in Apex. Players found ways to reload while phasing since at least late 2019, and the issue arose again months later—and now it has made another comeback.

Another recurring glitch allowed players to negate the cooldown on her tactical and lock themselves into a state of permanent invulnerability. The bug returned during season four before being patched out for good.

Respawn should patch out the exploit at some point in the future since it seems to be an unintended mechanic that gives players an unfair advantage.