Game-breaking Wraith tactical ability exploit is seemingly back in Apex Legends season 4

Not again.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It appears the game-breaking Apex Legends exploit that allows Wraith to infinitely use her tactical ability is back—just in time for season four.

An Apex fan was unfortunate enough to encounter the frustrating bug in a ranked match, posting a video on Reddit today that claims they were “robbed from a win.”

The player likely thought a victory was inevitable since they had excellent ring position and a favorable two-vs-one scenario. But it’s impossible to kill a player who takes no damage.

The enemy Wraith kept phasing in and out of the void while the ring tightened its grip on the unlucky victims. Even though the player set up Wattson fences in the tiny circle, it did little to stop the exploiter. Using their tactical ability, the enemy Wraith continued to phase outside of the circle until their two opponents fell to the ring and the match ended.

The exploit plagued matchmaking last summer and Respawn devs had some trouble exorcising it from the battle royale. But it’s been several months since it made an appearance, so it seemed like it was a thing of the past.

All of Wraith’s previous exploits were done by canceling her Into the Void’s (Q) animation, which would reset it and allow for repetition. It’s unclear how this rendition of the exploit is recreated, but it’s likely done in a similar fashion.

Respawn devs haven’t addressed the bug yet on the Apex Dev Tracker. But if it continues to adversely affect matchmaking, it’ll likely be hotfixed as soon as possible.