Apex Legends has another gamebreaking glitch with Wraith’s tactical ability

The bug allows players to use the ability back to back.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Wraith’s tactical ability is one of the most powerful tools of any legend in Apex Legends, yet it has also been one of the buggier abilities in the game. Now, yet another glitch has been discovered where players can use Into the Void multiple times without a cooldown.

The bug allows Wraith players to use their tactical ability, Into the Void, as often as they want with no cooldown in between usage. As a result, players can pop their tactical whenever they want and become invulnerable for an infinite amount of time. Players can now dodge incoming damage from other teams and can even avoid damage from the closing ring, as long as they can replicate the bug.


If this glitch becomes popular with the general playerbase, it’ll ruin a lot of games, especially with Apex Legends‘ ranked mode starting up.

It isn’t exactly known how this new glitch is performed—in fact, the player who found the glitch refused to reveal how to replicate its effects in order to prevent other people from using it in their own games, saying that it is “100 percent successful at being replicated on all platforms, once you learn how to do it.”

Many players, however, pointed out that if the problem isn’t widespread, Respawn might not do anything to rectify it. Therefore, this bug will be an unfair advantage for those few in the know. Hopefully, Respawn can get to the bottom of this new exploit before people start to abuse it even more.