Game-breaking Wraith exploit allows Apex Legends players to reload and shoot guns while phasing in the void

Another one.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It appears that Wraith is once again the catalyst for a game-breaking exploit in Apex Legends.

One Apex fan discovered the exploit while practicing Wraith in the Firing Range, posting their findings last night. The bug allows the Interdimensional Skirmisher to reload and shoot weapons while using her tactical ability, Into the Void.

“If you time the void ability just after portal, you can cancel ult and reload your guns in the void,” the player said.

By spamming Into the Void immediately after using Wraith’s ultimate, Dimensional Rift, you can reload weapons and even shoot them while phasing. This is problematic since Wraith’s tactical already makes her invulnerable. If players can have their weapons ready to shoot as soon as they come out of the void, it will confuse enemies and give her little counterplay.

Several other players have also reported the exploit. One player who pulled it off in the Firing Range claims the Devotion also fires at hyper speed when shot while phasing. Another fan accidentally pulled the bug off in an actual multiplayer game, claiming it left him “standing there in confusion.”

It’s unclear if Respawn is aware of the bug. But judging by the company’s response to previous Wraith exploits, developers will likely try and patch it out immediately.