Apex’s Wraith can reload while phased

Just follow these not-so-simple steps.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Reloading in shooting games opens a window of opportunity during which a character is vulnerable to enemy fire. It should be done with some care and usually behind cover—if you’re not playing Wraith in Apex Legends, that is.

Using a particular set of mechanics, Wraith can reload while voidwalking, which makes her invisible and invulnerable at the cost of not using weapons. A player posted a clip on Reddit showing two ways to blend Wraith’s Into the Void and her reload animations. Both require using her ultimate, Dimensional Rift.

The first way to reload while in the Void involves activating the rift mid-reload, burning through it, and using her tactical skill as soon as the rift ends. The ultimate’s recovery animation overrides Into the Void’s temporary weapon denial and allows for an invulnerable reload.

An alternate way to use this tactic is to create a portal mid-reload, then quickly using Into the Void and placing the rift to forcefully end the ultimate ability. Like the previous example, it uses the recovery animation from Dimensional Rift to hijack the voidwalk’s weapon delay. This method has the advantage of replenishing your ultimate charge if Wraith stays immobile.

But the player who posted the videos said that the mechanics should be used with care. They can be costly and tricky to pull off successfully.

“Both leave you without an escape, which is debatably more valuable than a reload,” the user said. “The second one takes about 30 steps to do successfully, I’d be amazed if someone did it in game.”