Wraith glitch lets her Phase Shift indefinitely with portals in Apex Legends

You don't have to leave the Void.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Wraith bugs aren’t uncommon in Apex Legends—and the battle royale’s eighth season just brought in another one. A glitch allows her to Phase Shift for as long as she wants using an erroneous interaction with her portal.

The new bug appears to give Wraith infinite uses of her tactical ability by combining it with her ultimate. Entering the portal will negate the cooldown on her Phase Shift, which essentially makes her invulnerable for as long as the glitch persists.

The interaction appears to take place when Wraith enters the portal exactly at the same time as her tactical activates. The cooldown on her tactical will replenish as she leaves the Void and won't deplete again. She'll then be able to chain her tactical and her portal together to keep her invulnerable for as long as possible.

Players have reported that the bug was already in the game before but would only let Wraith chain her portal twice. Footage shows that the legend can do it indefinitely, however. Dot Esports tried to recreate the bug but was unsuccessful.

The infinite Phase Shift is hardly the first example of a Wraith bug in Apex. Several glitches have surfaced over time, all of which allowed her to stay in the Void and gain an advantage over her enemies—from reloading or shooting in the Void to removing the movement penalty in downed allies.

Wraith's kit has been periodically riddled with bugs. And although Respawn has systematically patched them out, Wraith's kit still seems like a particularly common spot for glitches due to the nature of her invulnerability when using portals or phase walking.

Respawn hasn't officially acknowledged the bug yet, but it's likely that the developers will fix it soon—and it's not outside the realm of possibility that they might punish players who exploit it to get an advantage over enemy squads, particularly in ranked.