When does Apex Legends season 17 start? Release date and time

It won't be long before Ballistic leaves his refined touch on the Apex Games.

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A new season of Apex Legends is right around the corner. It’s bringing with it not only the most suave of old-timers to grace the growing cast of legends in the form of Ballistic, but also a plethora of updates to the game’s existing ecosystems such as account progression, the firing range, and ranked.

Ballistic is a new Assault legend who headlines season 17, Arsenal, after Apex skipped out on releasing a new legend during season 16. While his arrival is sure to shake up the meta, he comes to the game alongside an update to World’s Edge, a “majorly expanded” firing range, and a new system known as weapon mastery that provides players with challenges to complete and rewards to earn.

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Whether it’s the legend himself that draws your attention or the myriad of evolutions coming to Apex’s foundations that offer some much-needed quality-of-life improvements, season 17 is set to be a big release for the battle royale off the back of Revelry. Players won’t have long to wait to get their hands on it, either.

Apex Legends season 17 start date and time

Apex Legends season 17, Arsenal, launches on Tuesday, May 9. The update will be available to download across all platforms at the usual reset time of 12pm CT.

Arsenal comes off the back of Revelry, a celebratory season that mostly dedicated itself to quality-of-life updates such as remastered legend classes and the addition of a permanent arcade playlist called Mixtape for modes like Control as well as the newly introduced Team Deathmatch. It also introduced the game’s first weapon in over a year: the Nemesis.

Arsenal looks like it plans to build off of this focus on evolving the game players know and love, while still featuring all the bells and whistles the community has come to expect with the new legend and a new themed battle pass to tackle.

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