Apex Legends’ Nemesis AR explained: Gameplay info, charge mechanic, ammo type, and more

The name is because it's the Flatline and R-301's biggest enemy, we're assuming.

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Apex Legends might have a new monarch rising up against the Flatline and the R-301. Season 16 will add the Nemesis assault rifle, the first new weapon in the shooter for over a year. And this new contender is bringing plenty of novelty and more than enough firepower.

The Nemesis ushers innovation in several different forms. Not only is it the first new weapon since the C.A.R. in season 11, but it’s also the first new weapon to use energy ammo since the Volt entered the game in season six—and the first energy AR in Apex since the Havoc released in March 2019.

The Nemesis is a strong, reliable addition to the Apex arsenal. Players who enjoy burst-fire weapons will find its fully automatic trigger makes for a comfortable experience. Players who don’t usually lean toward the Hemlok or the Prowler may get a taste for the Nemesis thanks to its automatic trigger, making it a comfortable burst weapon.

That flavor alone might be enough to make you consider picking up the Nemesis in a match, but its sheer damage potential is bound to make it a weapon you’ll pick up without pinging it for your squad (we’ve all done that). Here’s what to look out for in the Nemesis burst AR in Apex.

How does the Nemesis work in Apex Legends?

Thanks to its four-round burst, the Nemesis joins the Hemlok and the Prowler in the small pool of burst-fire weapons in Apex. The Nemesis boasts an automatic trigger, though, meaning you can just hold your Fire button and continue firing bursts at enemies—no Selectfire required. The icing on the cake for this weapon, though, is its charge mechanic.

While firing the Nemesis, you build up a charge that reduces the delay between bursts, noticeably improving the Nemesis’ fire rate. “With those two mechanics in mind, you can kinda just lay on the trigger and it’s gonna get faster and faster and faster, which results in a really smooth burst-fire weapon experience,” lead weapon designer Eric Canavese said ahead of season 16.

The charge doesn’t go away too quickly, according to Canavese. Players should have enough time to reload or reposition a bit before the charge decays, meaning they’ll have a Nemesis that’s fully ready to take down their foes. The Nemesis is also compatible with AR accessories, including energy magazines, which let you fire longer and gather more charge before you reload. Players can add barrel stabilizers, weapon stocks, and all weapon sights you can use with an AR.


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