Apex’s season 16, Revelry, finally debuts with Team Deathmatch, the Nemesis AR, and major improvements to the game

We're never playing anything outside of Mixtape ever again.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players can finally hop into Team Deathmatch and try out everything season 16 has to offer. The Revelry update went live today, bringing a new weapon, overhauling legend classes, and celebrating Apex‘s fourth anniversary in the same breath.

The long-requested Team Deathmatch mode will also debut alongside season 16 and will be available exclusively until March 7. This gives players three weeks to enjoy the mode before the debut of the Mixtape playlist, which will bring Control and Gun Run as a permanent, LTM-filled addition that will take the place of Arenas.

March 7 should mark the beginning of the Imperial Guard collection event too, based on an official tweet. Respawn Entertainment will also bring another two collection events after the Imperial Guard event: Sun Squad and Veiled. It’s unclear when these will go live or what their theme will be, however.

The weapon racks across the Outlands also have a new addition for the first time in over a year. The Nemesis burst AR fires four rounds of energy ammo per trigger pull, and holding down the trigger will continue firing bursts until your magazine runs out. Firing the Nemesis charges it up (even if you don’t hit any enemies), which decreases the delay between bursts. This deadly AR aims to dethrone the R-301 and the Flatline, and it might just achieve that. The Volt and the Longbow will also move to the Replicator, while the Hemlok will take the Rampage’s spot in the care package.

Revelry introduced the new class system, which brings five classes as opposed to the old four: Assault, Skirmisher, Recon, Controller, and Support. The new division also brings new class perks, which will shake up the meta starting this season. Scanning the Ring’s location, for instance, is a Controller’s job now, and the now-defunct Assault class has been properly divided into two to differentiate between their playstyles.

As part of the far-reaching balancing changes, though, Respawn isn’t releasing a new legend for the first time in Apex‘s history, which is offset by the magnitude of the Revelry update to the game’s systems.

Season 16 also ushers in this year’s Anniversary collection event, bringing fan-designed cosmetics and special decorations. Players who complete the collection will get 150 Heirloom Shards, which lets them buy the rarest cosmetics in Apex. Additionally, players can unlock Crypto by logging in between Feb. 14 and 21, and Ash between Feb. 21 and 28, getting a thematic Apex Pack for each in the process. If you want to make the most out of the celebrations, don’t forget to look up when you’re in the Games to spot the balloons featuring some of the most beloved legends (and you may even see a Nessie or two).

The competitive grind also looks different starting this season. The map pool of Storm Point, Broken Moon, and World’s Edge will apply to the ranked mode as well, changing maps every 24 hours on the competitive pool. The splits will happen as usual, though, including the soft reset.

With three collection events, a new weapon, and the Mixtape playlist, players may not even notice the lack of another name on the Apex roster until season 17, when Respawn could bring another character to the game.


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