Apex Legends season 17 trailer sneaks in Ballistic’s abilities—and they’re absolutely badass

This old man can really sling a gun.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

August “Ballistic” Brinkman has been rumored to be joining Apex Legends for some time, and a new trailer for its upcoming 17th season confirmed the new playable character in spectacular fashion today.

The new Stories from the Outlands trailer found time to include a sneak peek at Ballistic’s abilities, too, confirming leaks of the legend’s gunslinging kit. And most of them are on display in the four-minute video.

One of Ballistic’s more unique abilities can be seen at about 2:50 in the video, when he fires a shot that electrifies the enemy soldier and makes their weapon overheat, making it impossible to return fire on the 63-year-old gunfighter.

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This lines up with the leaked Tactical ability “Smart Bullet,” which is said to debuff enemies by making their guns overheat when they try to shoot.

There’s also the scene at about 2:38 when Ballistic mows down a hallway full of enemies while using multiple weapons. His leaked Passive, “Weapon Sling,” allows him to carry a third weapon, with the caveat being that it cannot equip any attachments.

According to leaks, he can use his “Weapon Enhancer” ultimate to equip the third weapon with a set of gold attachments, as well as faster reload speeds, unarmed movement speed, and “infinite ammo” for himself and nearby teammates.

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Official confirmation of Ballistic’s kit is expected in the coming weeks leading up to Apex’s new season, Arsenal, which will also include World’s Edge and Firing Range updates, weapon challenges, and more.

Apex Legends: Arsenal is set to launch on May 9.

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