Everything we know about Apex Legends season 3

The latest round of Apex leaks teases new skins, while official press invites for season three hint at a showcase of top-tier competition.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

There was plenty of speculation circulating about what fans can expect to see when Apex Legends’ third season begins, including new legends and weapons, map changes, or a PvE mode. But Respawn has put that speculation to an end with its announcement today.

Meltdown confirmed for Oct. 1

Apex Legends season three will be called Meltdown and begins Oct. 1.

Media outlets were reportedly invited to a preview event earlier this month, and according to The Verge, they were specifically asked to send their best champions. This certainly teased fans with the idea of an event that would focus on the high-octane competition that sets Apex apart from other titles in the battle royale genre.

The details released by the dev team team today seem to confirm that. Among the proposed alterations in Ranked Series two are changes to the scoring system and a soft reset that will move all players down one and a half tiers. That means if you were ranked Platinum IV in Series one, you’ll be reset to Silver II on Oct. 1.

Assists will also make an appearance in kill counts in Series two and ranked matches will require RP to play. Bronze matches will remain free, while other ranked matches will have a cost based on your tier.

New legend: Crypto confirmed

It’s now official. Crypto will be the next legend to hit King’s Canyon.
Respawn teased him in-game earlier this week, but data miners also gave fans a sneak peek at his skillset earlier this month. As the leaks suggested, Crpyto’s abilities center around the use of surveillance drones. Assuming everything we’ve seen is correct, his tactical ability will allow the drone to interact with its environment, including hacking doors and accessing loot bins.

Unconfirmed rumors

Another recent code string reveal from That1MiningGuy has brought fresh leaks about the season three Battle Pass.

While Respawn’s announcement today still hasn’t confirmed the full details, the leaks suggested that the Battle Pass will have a bundle option that will boost buyers to tier 25, as well as granting three new, exclusive character skins and legendary weapon skins for the Spitfire. It looks like players will also be able to earn enough crafting metal for two legendary cosmetics.

Rumors are also circulating on Reddit about new skins for Lifeline, Bloodhound, Watson, and Mirage.


YouTuber That1MiningGuy dropped a video this week that gave us a sneak peek at leaked skins, including what looks like an Oni or Samurai-inspired skin for Bloodhound and something with a more angelic aesthetic for Lifeline. One current theory is that these skins will be rewards for the upcoming physical box sets, but they could potentially be new cosmetic rewards coming to season three.


He’s also rendered a preview of the Twitch Prime Mirage Skin.

In addition, data miners already uncovered Crypto’s abilities earlier this month, even managing to show off his drone’s movement in Blunder.

While it’s been confirmed that Crypto will be the new legend arriving in Meltdown, there are still plenty of leaks coming out about who else we could see in the near future. That1MiningGuy dropped a video on an in-development character called Jericho. Fans can expect Jericho to be released with four legendary skins, according to the YouTuber. That1MiningGuy’s explainer video provides more evidence on the speculation surrounding the legend’s abilities.


With Respawn promising that there’s more to be announced, we still don’t know exactly what other surprises Meltdown will have in store. But with Crypto confirmed and the start date locked in, it looks like Apex season three is going to have plenty of satisfying new content for fans to sink their teeth into on Oct. 1.