Render for Crypto’s aerial drone leaked in Apex Legends

A data miner revealed what the drone looks like when Crypto uses his abilities.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

When any new patch is released in Apex Legends, data miners have a field day with new files they can sift through for leaked information. The Voidwalker event is no different.

Data miner Miniguyw found Crypto’s drone in the battle royale’s files, rendering it so fans can see what every ability looks like.

Fans were initially introduced to Crypto’s abilities when they were leaked by data miner That1MiningGuy. It was revealed that the hacker’s entire kit revolves around his aerial drone, which can scout, surveil, and even perform an EMP explosion.

Miniguyw’s render gives fans a first look at what the drone will look like when performing these abilities. The video shows the drone’s movements when it’s activated, recalled, idle, and even during it’s EMP explosion.

Don’t be fooled by the cute drone. That1MiningGuy released his own render yesterday of what the drone will look like when Crypto performs his finishing move, executing a downed enemy.

The video shows the hacker’s drone weaving in the air before brutally stabbing down to end its victim’s life.

The data miner also revealed that the drone might’ve made its first Kings Canyon appearance a little early.

The files hint that the flying android is somewhere in the game. If players find it, they’d be able to shoot it down.

With Crypto’s development solidifying at a rapid pace, the hacker will likely enter Kings Canyon at the start of season three.