Apex Legends’ season 3 name and Battle Pass information are leaked by dataminer

Fire and ice are coming.

Respawn Entertainment is preparing Apex Legends for season three, and there’s enough information in the game’s current files for data miners to discover some unrevealed—and unconfirmed—details of the upcoming season.

Prominent data miner That1MiningGuy found several code strings that reveal information about Apex Legends’ season three Battle Pass. He also found that season three will be called Fire and Ice, even though it’s unclear at this time why this is the chosen name.


According to the data miner, players will have the option of buying a bundle for the season three Battle Pass, which will boost them to tier 25 and grant them Legendary skins for the Spitfire and three exclusive character skins. The strings show that these are “exclusive,” though Respawn has yet to reveal if it’s in comparison to the standard or the free passes.

The leak also shows that players can get up to 2,550 crafting metal as they level up their season three Battle Pass, which is enough to craft two Legendary cosmetics and keep 150 to spare.

That1MiningGuy later wrote that fans should be careful with the leak since not everything is confirmed for season three. “Some of these appear to be placeholders and copied/pasted from season two for now,” he wrote. But he said the name of season three and the bundle information are unique strings that are likely confirmed.