Apex data miner unearths abilities for leaked legend Jericho

The Frontline could be Apex’s next legend.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has a long list of characters in store for future release, and one more has joined the list: Jericho, the Frontline.

Jericho’s name leaked in February shortly after Apex’s launch as part of a list of characters hidden in the game’s files. Little was known about the character outside of his name, but fans may have finally caught a glimpse of the legend’s abilities after data miner and YouTuber The Gaming Merchant revealed screenshots of recent in-game files.


Jericho’s first ability is named Ballistic Shield. The shield is seemingly a riot shield and is described in Apex’s files as a full-body shield that protects the player from incoming fire. It may resemble Gibraltar’s gun shield, but it’s unclear if users will still be able to shoot while using the ability.

The character’s passive ability is named On Your Six, and its description states Jericho’s Ballistic Shield can continue to protect the character even when not in use, suggesting the shield may be set down after it has been cast.

The character has a second ability, what may be his ultimate ability, named Shield-Breaker Javelins. Jericho throws two electrically charged javelins that burn through enemy body shields. The ability will serve well in situations where opponents have higher-leveled shields. Depending on the damage output, these javelins could have the potential to change the outcome of a fight.

Jericho joins Apex’s long list of characters lined up for release. Since the Iron Crown Collection hit live servers last week, data miners have found several legends hidden in the game’s files. Fans are also anxiously awaiting the release of Crypto, who many believed to be the mysterious man in the season two trailer released in June.

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