The best weapon attachments in Apex Legends

Kit yourself out for success.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has several strong base guns, but attachments are crucial to success in the mid and late game.

Although there are a number of attachments available in the game, some really increase the strength of several weapons. And while you’re finding attachments to put on weapons, so is the rest of the lobby, constantly increasing the danger you face from opposing guns as well. If you get your hands on these attachments early on, make sure to equip them as fast as possible to keep up with your competition.

Purple Barrel Stabilizer

From pistols to SMGs, assault rifles, and even one of the game’s snipers, barrel stabilizers are one of the most versatile attachments in the game. And their entire purpose is quite simple: make it easier for players to control a gun. Why turn down a chance to make a gun easier to control?

Barrel stabilizers are especially great with SMGs and assault rifles, such as the R-99, CAR, and R-301. With a good barrel mod, the R-99 and CAR’s short range is extended considerably, and the mid-range consistency of the R-301 can be turned into a legitimate threat from longer ranges. Or if you’re a fan of LMGs, the barrel stabilizer turns guns like the Devotion and the LSTAR into effective weapons at just about any range. If you land close to a purple barrel stabilizer, go ahead and pick it up. Unless you’re dead set on running weapons that won’t take barrel attachments, chances are you’ll be able to find a use for it.


This energy weapon hop-up drastically decreases the amount of time it takes for the Devotion and the Havoc to spin up to their maximum rate of fire. Put simply, with one of these on a Devotion, enemies melt away like wax in a house fire. It turns the Havoc from a potential liability into one of the best guns in the game, particularly because the Havoc’s base magazine is so large. It’s good at every stage of the game, and it makes two mid-tier guns into top-tier guns.

1X HCOG “Classic”

The colored-tier system is useful for determining which attachments are rare. But the rarity level doesn’t necessarily make an attachment better. Just look at the HCOG Classic.

The open-top design and singular dot make this sight one of the most accurate in the game. It’s particularly useful on the Wingman and the R-99, and definitely useful on any medium to close-range weapon. In a pinch, however, you can throw this sight on just about any weapon. Sure, it’s not ideally the sight you want for a sniper rifle, but the lack of visual clutter with the 1X HCOG compared to most of the iron sights in the game just makes aiming easier. It won’t give you any magnification, but for a clear view of the battlefield, the Classic is undefeated.

Purple Extended Heavy Mag

With the R-301 moving to the Replicator system in season 13, while the Flatline and Spitfire return to the pool of ground loot, Apex is primed for a heavy weapon meta. Between the aforementioned guns and the Wingman, CAR, and even the Hemlok and Prowler, there are just a ton of useful heavy-ammo guns for players to choose from, in comparison to their light ammo counterparts. And since more bullets in a magazine mean more potential damage, the purple extended heavy mag will be an instant upgrade for all of these guns.

More bullets are better than fewer bullets. Don’t overthink it too much, and pick up the purple heavy mag.

Purple Shotgun Bolt

The shotgun will always be one of the strongest classes of weapons in Apex Legends. The Mastiff may have been sent to the care package, but putting a purple bolt onto a Peacekeeper, a Mozambique with Hammerpoints, and even an EVA-8 can be the difference between winning a fight and losing it. Buffing the fire rate of all shotguns, there’s no comparison between the damage output of a Peacekeeper with no bolt and one with a purple bolt equipped. If you’re planning on running a shotgun, pick this item up whenever you see it.

3X HCOG “Ranger”

The Ranger is so good because it’s so versatile. It’s a good scope for Marksman class weapons, which have long-range potential but cannot use sniper scopes. But the 3X sight can also be slapped onto snipers, assault rifles, and even LMGs if you can handle the recoil. It combines the high magnification capabilities of marksman optics with a clean, open-top design, allowing players to keep much more of their peripherals in view than the 2X-4X sight, or the game’s sniper optics.

1X Digital Threat

In terms of a clean field of view, the Digital Threat is close to the top, but doesn’t beat out the 1X HCOG “Classic.” What it has on its more-common 1X sight brother is the ability to see through smoke, with enemies viewed through the scope appearing in red. It’s incredibly strong on SMGs and functions excellently on other close-quarters weapons. In late-game circles, smoke from Bangalores and Caustics can mess up your ability to punish lazy rotations, and the Digital Threat can completely bypass their abilities.