The best weapon attachments in Apex Legends

Kit yourself out for success.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has several strong base guns, but attachments are crucial to success in the mid and late game.

Although there are a number of attachments available in the game, some stand out more than others. If you get your hands on these attachments early on, make sure to equip them as fast as possible.

Quickdraw Holster

This hop-up for the RE-45 and the Wingman is perfect for Apex's fast-paced gameplay. It increases the speed in which the weapon can be swapped to, its ADS speed, and the all-important hipfire accuracy. If you're looking for an attachment that immediately makes two relatively weak early-game guns into monsters, look no further. The hipfire accuracy buff is massive in close-quarters engagements, and the ADS speed buff can help you put an escaping target away quickly.


This energy weapon hop-up drastically decreases the amount of time it takes for the Devotion and the Havoc to spin up to their maximum rate of fire. Put simply, with one of these on a Devotion, enemies melt away like wax in a house fire. It turns the Havoc from a potential liability into one of the best guns in the game, particularly because the Havoc's base magazine is so large. It's good at every stage of the game, and it makes two mid-tier guns into top-tier guns.

1X HCOG "Classic"

The colored-tier system is useful for determining which attachments are better, for the most part. But it missed the mark with this.

The open-top design and singular dot make this sight one of the most accurate in the game, and it doesn't add recoil to your weapon. It's particularly useful on the Wingman and the R-99, and definitely useful on any medium to close-range weapon. It's won't give you the range you want if you're sniping, but it will give you a clear field of view at most ranges in the game.

Purple Extended Light Mag

Extended magazines on fast rate-of-fire guns are always a plus. With the Purple Extended Light Mag, your R-99 is transformed into a monster, the Alternator all of a sudden becomes a gun that you can take on multiple opponents with, and the RE-45 gets taken up from situational to useful. In addition to the massive mag size, reload time is reduced. It's by far the most useful attachment for the R-99, one of the game's meta weapons.

Purple Shotgun Bolt

The shotgun will always be one of the strongest classes of weapons in Apex Legends. The EVA-8 isn't as good, but the Peacekeeper and the Mastiff are top tier. What helps the Mastiff become a monster in the current season of Apex is the Purple Shotgun Bolt, which increases its fire rate. The more shots you can squeeze off with the Mastiff—and with the Peacekeeper when it returns to ground loot—the better.

3X HCOG "Ranger"

We've covered the lower-power scopes, and the best longer range scope in the game has a similar design. The open-top of the 3X HCOG "Ranger" makes it easy to acquire new targets and keep track of fast-moving, far-away targets. It's particularly lethal on the Hemlock, especially when the Hemlock is set to single shot.

1X Digital Threat

In terms of raw comfortability, the Digital Threat is close to the top but doesn't beat out the 1X HCOG "Classic." What it has on its more-common 1X sight brother is the ability to see through smoke and the red highlighting of enemy players. It's incredibly strong on the Wingman, and functions excellently on other close-quarters weapons. In late-game circles, smoke from Bangalores and Caustics can mess up your ability to punish lazy rotations, and the Digital Threat can completely bypass their abilities.