Skull Town’s teased return to Apex might just be an Arenas map

This is very different than battle royale.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends could be getting a new Arenas map as soon as next week—and it might be an all-time fan-favorite location.

Earlier this week, Respawn posted a not-so-cryptic tweet about Skull Town returning to the game. The developer headed back to Twitter this afternoon to tease Skull Town’s return a bit more, with some funky font to go with it.

It’s hard to tell if Respawn is just trolling at this point or if the tease is legitimate and the developer wants to temper expectations after its tweet earlier this week was met with intense reaction from fans longing to see Skull Town back in the game.

Arenas is populated with maps that are built for the mode specifically, but also others that are just points of interest from the game’s battle royale maps. This is where Skull Town could fit in, with the locale taken out sort of as a slice in time, considering it no longer exists in the current Kings Canyon map.

The new three-vs-three mode introduced this season has been a big hit with players, but many were likely looking forward to the POI returning in some sort of limited time mode, too. Either way, the big skeleton city could be seeing its return soon.

The patch notes for whatever’s inbound are coming tomorrow, according to Respawn director of communication Ryan Rigney, so more will be revealed then.