Respawn fixes loot pool for Apex’s Armed and Dangerous LTM

Say goodbye to the Volt SMG.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

No more Volt SMGs in Armed and Dangerous. Respawn fixed the loot pool in the Apex Legends limited-time mode by removing the Volt and Energy Magazines from the rotation and adding Mobile Respawn Beacons to the mix.

Armed and Dangerous is supposed to only allow legends to use snipers and shotguns, but several players reported seeing Volt SMGs and Energy Magazines scattered over the map. Respawn also included the Mobile Respawn Beacon as a drop.

The limited-time mode first appeared in the Voidwalker event and made a return during the Grand Soiree in January. A similar mode, Armed and Dangerous Evolved, came to Apex as part of the Lost Treasures collection event in June.

The two problem items—the Volt and mobile respawn beacons—only made their way to Apex recently. The beacons came alongside Armed and Dangerous Evolved during the Lost Treasures event, and the Volt is the season six weapon.

Since the two items were released long after the last version of Armed and Dangerous, it’s possible that Respawn didn’t update the loot pool to accommodate the new items.

Armed and Dangerous returned to Apex this week as part of the September Soiree, a throwback to the Grand Soiree in January. The celebrations will bring a new limited-time mode each week and Grand Soiree skins will make a short-lived return to the store until Sep. 22.

The September Soiree kicked off with the DUMMIEs Big Day limited-time mode, which was promptly substituted by Kings Canyon After Dark following a game-breaking issue. The mode is likely to make a return in the Soiree alongside LIVE. DIE. LIVE., according to data mined information.