Apex Legends’ Repulsor Tower is now slowly spinning

The leviathans don’t seem to like it.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

With just one week before the second season of Apex Legends kicks off, fans of the game have noticed the Repulsor Tower in Kings Canyon slowly rotating on its axis, and the neighboring leviathans have turned tail and are moving away from the island in response.

In the Titanfall series, repulsors serve as defense mechanisms against creatures such as leviathans and flyers. Kings Canyon’s Repulsor Tower has been reactivated for that very reason—to combat the approaching alien wildlife in the surrounding areas, according to a recent tweet from the official Apex Legends Twitter account.

Since the game released in February, two leviathans have been seen wading in the ocean near Kings Canyon’s coastline, but earlier this month, the beasts began approaching the island. Just last week, Apex Legends saw the introduction of flyers, or pterodactyl-like creatures that carry loot across the map and can be shot down by players looking to steal the items for themselves.

This new information regarding the beasts and their reaction to the Repulsor Tower’s activation could be a lead up to the game’s rapidly approaching season two, named Battle Charge, which is scheduled to release sometime on July 2.

During an E3 showcase earlier this month, Respawn Entertainment released a video teaser showcasing a giant monster—which is seemingly an up-close leviathan—surrounded by flyers. It’s unclear about what role the beasts will play in the new season, but Respawn executive director Drew McCoy promised fans “big things” over the course of the next month.

So far, Respawn Entertainment has revealed very little about Battle Charge, save for a few new additions to the game, including a new legend named Wattson, a defensive character who uses electricity to power her abilities.