Rarest Pathfinder skins in Apex Legends

Zipline in style.

Apex Legends’ hectic gameplay and class system aren’t the only significant factors behind the game’s success. Its cosmetics-based monetization system allows players to show off their sense of style and lets developers make a profit without affecting the gameplay experience negatively.

During Apex’s launch in 2019, there were only a handful of skins available for each legend. Most of them were practically recolors and didn’t change anything about a legend’s character. Once the game became stable enough, Respawn Entertainment focused more on creating unique skins that would change the spirit of the game.

Pathfinder was one of the harder legends to come up with creative skins because of his limited design space. Though one could argue you could always experiment with out-of-character elements, Respawn usually tries its best to keep all the legends distinguishable even with their most unorthodox skins on.

We’ve gathered the rarest Pathfinder skins in the game, so you can look even cooler while crossing a zipline. Some of these may not be available for purchase, however, since some are tied with seasonal events or battle passes. It’s unlikely for a battle pass skin to come back to the in-game shop, but seasonal event skins have a chance of returning around the same time they were released.

Limited-time/seasonal skins

The following skins were introduced to Apex during seasonal or in-game events. They were either obtainable through in-game challenges, Apex packs, battle passes, or simply as a reward for performing an action.

Each new event-related skin is a candidate for becoming rare since it isn’t entirely clear whether they would ever be available again through the in-game shop. These skins are also an excellent way to show-off how long you’ve been playing Apex, which can strike fear into your foes’ hearts.


Pathfinder Dreadnought – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Dreadnought features the optimistic robot in rust. While it isn’t known if Pathfinder just stopped caring for himself or was abandoned in a junkyard for this skin, it was only available throughout the second season of Apex

It was one of the first rewards of the season’s battle pass and was classified as a Rare skin.


Pathfinder BP-1 – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

This Rare Pathfinder skin was given out to all the players who logged into Apex between December 2019 and January 2020. 

Pathfinder rocks bright shades of white and red in this skin, making him look like a field medic. While you may stumble upon this skin frequently throughout 2020, it will surely age well in the upcoming years. 

Team Lift

Pathfinder Team Lift – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Battle pass skins are born to be rare. Everyone will equip them while they’re available, but once the season ends, the real fun starts. 

Team Lift was the level-one reward of the season four battle pass. The skin features Pathfinder in phosphorous orange and matte white shades that make him look like a racing motorcycle.


Pathfinder Glistened – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

If the odds aren’t with you, the Glistened Pathfinder can be one of the hardest Pathfinder skins to obtain. 

The skin was released as a part of the Lost Treasures collection event, and it’s only available through the loot boxes that were introduced as a part of the event. Though rare skins have a higher chance of appearing in loot boxes, you can always get the short end of the stick.

Sunfire Initiate

Pathfinder Sunfire Initiate – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Continuing with collection event skins, Sunfire Initiate was inside the loot boxes that came alongside the Legendary Hunt limited-time event in 2019.

The skin features the Pathfinder in orange-ish red tones. While the skin’s currently unavailable purchase, it wasn’t one of the easier ones to obtain throughout the event, either, since it’s an epic cosmetic.

Omega Point

Pathfinder Omega Point – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Omega Point was an exclusive skin for Twitch Prime members. It was available for a brief period in 2019.

Respawn did a great job of blending Twitch’s iconic purple hue and a nice shade of black on this one, which makes Pathfinder look like a killer robot from the future. Though the chances of this skin coming back to the store are pretty low, you can always watch out for another partnership between Respawn and Twitch, which can allow Omega Point to make a comeback.

War Machine

Pathfinder War Machine – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Iron Man fans may be disappointed in this one since it looks quite different than Marvel’s War Machine. It’s still one of the most detailed Pathfinder skins, though, and it was only available throughout the Iron Crown Collection event.

Pathfinder almost looks like a crusader covered in white, and the carvings around his body make him even more dangerous.

Iced Out

Pathfinder Iced Out – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Iced Out was introduced to Apex as a part of the season three battle pass. The skin was awarded to pass owners after hitting level 25.

Pathfinder resembles an ice-monster, but the cone icon on his chest gives him the impression of a friendly ice-cream seller.


Pathfinder Joyfinder – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Seasonal events bring out the best in Apex. Thematic skins are essential to keep the holiday spirit alive even in the direst gunfights.

If Santa were a robot, he’d most likely look like the Joyfinder Pathfinder. The zipline slinger comes with an iconic beard and even has a wrapped present on one of his arms. It was available throughout the Holo-Day Bash collection event in December 2019.


Pathfinder Srvn Mrvn – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

You don’t always get to suit up in battle royale games since once you jump off the plane, all hell breaks loose.

Respawn introduced SRVN MRVN as a part of the Grand Soirée event in January 2020. Pathfinder seems dapper in what looks to be a suit from the ’90s and may make you use phrases like “thy and thou” more often. 

Plastic Fantastic

Pathfinder Plastic Fantastic – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

It took a while for Respawn to add a Pathfinder skin that had a Transformers vibe going on.

The company finally delivered on the potential during the System Override event in March 2020. Plastic Fantastic features vivid blue and white colors that make Pathfinder look like he may transform into a car if you shoot at him.

Full Metal Robot

Pathfinder Full Metal Robot – Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Most legends in the game compete for the thrill and glory. Not all of them are battle-tested, and it makes Apex more of a competition than a war.

Full Metal Robot skin for Pathfinder disagrees, however, since you can clearly tell that he has seen stuff. Pathfinder looks like the main character of a war movie with his red bandanna and camo trousers. The bullets surrounding his chest completes the look while his missing boot makes you wonder about the war stories he might have.

Locked skins

Though players have access to the following skins at all times, they cost a bit much than your average skin. Each of them requires a particular legendary skin before becoming unlockable and also costs Legend Tokens. These tokens are a reward for leveling up, and you’ll obtain them by playing the game only. 

The prerequisite skins also cost Crafting Materials, which you can only earn through Apex packs.


The Waveracer skin for Pathfinder looks a lot like the Iced Out version of him, without the sharp edges. It features him in similar blue tones but keeps the iconic smiley face instead of the ice cream cone.

Waveracer requires players to pre-purchase the Angel City Pacer, which costs 1,200 Crafting Metals, and you’ll need 10,500 Legend Tokens to unlock it. 

Pole Position

Another option for Angel City Pacer owners is the Pole Position Pathfinder skin. It looks almost identical to the Waveracer but features green colors instead.

The second main difference is that Pole Position costs a lot less Legend Tokens at 6,500, making it easier to unlock.

Green Machine

The Aviator itself is a cool skin in its own right, and the skin features a light tone of blue that fades towards Pathfinder’s joints.

The Green Machine makes use of this characteristic and turns Pathfinder into kiwi-strawberry lemonade. Though the color green takes up most of Pathfinder’s body, there are visible transitions to pink, which adds small tints of yellow into the mix during the process.

Green Machine requires 10,500 Legend Tokens, and players will need to own The Aviator skin which costs 1,200 Crafting Metals.

Bot of Gold

Locked skins cost a fortune in terms of Legend Tokens, and not all of them come with enough bling to showcase how much you just spent on them. Bot of Gold, however, screams money with its dark armor that shines brightly under the light.

If you own the Quicksilver skin, priced at 1,200 Crafting Materials, you’ll only need 10,500 Legend Tokens to unlock the Bot of Gold.