New Apex short reveals Pathfinder has a child—sort of

The fan-made short recounts the events of Pathfinder's Quest and gives fans a little surprise.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Pathfinder is a unique MRVN imprinted with a little bit of each one of his creators. But he’s not exactly one of a kind—not anymore, anyway.

A new six-minute short shows Pathfinder’s creators made another robot out of his spare parts, whom Pathfinder calls his “child.” The video also reenacts the final chapter of Pathfinder’s Quest and explains what happened to the Group and how they ultimately solved the Energy Crisis in the 2600s.

Most of the video reenacts the events of Pathfinder’s Quest. The real twist comes at the end, however. In the book, Blisk is about to ask Pathfinder if he found something, but changes his mind. The short reveals that the Commissioner was about to ask about Pathfinder’s “child.”

The implications of Pathfinder having a child (in his own words) can be a significant plot point for the character. “And don’t worry, kid,” he says in the short. “Whoever you are, dad will find you.”

When Apex launched, Pathfinder’s biggest goal (and the reason he joined the Apex Games) was to find his creators. The lore book solved that particular mystery, but the latest video gives the MRVN another purpose: finding his child.

Although reading Pathfinder’s Quest is not necessary to understand the cinematic, the book gives a more detailed insight into what happened—particularly when Dr. Reid says “it’s a shame you didn’t have more of me in you,” referring to how each member of the Group imprinted aspects of their personality into Pathfinder.

The short is another example of Respawn celebrating its fans: the video was made by Slava A., a community filmmaker who grabbed the studio’s attention with an incredible short about Bloodhound.