Apex fan creates incredible Bloodhound CGI short

"The hunt begins."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

There’s never an end to the creativity that flows out of the Apex Legends community.

One fan of the battle royale by the name of Slava A. shared their creation today, an incredible minute-long short featuring the game’s Technological Tracker, Bloodhound.

The video features impressive CGI and models closely resembling those found in-game. Bloodhound’s voice lines are layered over the top of the video, and the clip alters between the character’s point of view and a third-person perspective.  

In the clip, Bloodhound comes across the remains of a battle; scattered shield batteries, empty gun mags, and smoke grenades lay littered across the ground. The tracker triggers their Beast of the Hunt ability to hunt down those who survived the skirmish and takes off into the woods. They come across a fleeing Bangalore and Pathfinder and set off to finish the hunt.

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The fan-made short took roughly a month to make, according to its creator, who worked full-time to see the project through. Luckily for Apex fans, there may be more videos like this one on the horizon.

“I’m highly interested in turning these into series, like ‘Meet the Legends’ featuring most popular characters,” the video’s creator wrote. “If this gets enough support I’m definitely gonna dedicate my time to it.”

Fans can keep up with the potential series’ progress by following Slava A. on YouTube and Twitter.