Mad Maggie is sentenced to death by battle royale in Apex’s season 12

Look who’s a Syndicate dog now.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Today’s Stories from the Outlands cinematic gave us a glimpse into where the story will be heading in Apex Legends’ next season—and the new legend that will be spearheading that development.

Players who experienced the explosive entrance of Fuse in season eight might recall his childhood friend and narrative foil, Mad Maggie. A rebel from the planet Salvo responsible for blowing up Kings Canyon, she was presumed dead at the end of the season eight comic. But it seems Mad Maggie doesn’t go down quite so easily. Political power plays, a foreboding pharmaceutical CEO, and a Syndicate on the ropes against an armed insurgence all play a part in Mad Maggie’s arrival in the Apex Games.

“I haven’t done one of these since the IMC ran things,” a Syndicate judge says as the cinematic begins. Though Mad Maggie survived her run-in with the legends in season eight, she was on trial for acts of sedition and terrorism after her planet Salvo joined Syndicate space. Despite how ready Fuse was to leave Salvo behind and pursue a life of glory in the Apex Games, this cinematic reveals not all of Salvo saw joining the Syndicate in a positive light.

Riots broke out in the streets. Syndicate transports were raided and their cargo returned to Salvonian citizens. Mad Maggie was leading efforts to fight against Syndicate control.

As the trial proceeds, we see a familiar face watching from the crowds. Eduardo Silva, Octane’s abusive father and a powerful pharmaceutical CEO, seems to take great interest in Mad Maggie’s efforts. In the season nine comic, we learned that Silva was planning to try and take down the Syndicate himself—most likely to prop up his and other allied corporations to be the new governing power of the Outlands. Just as Mad Maggie is about to be executed for her crimes, Silva stops the soldiers. Instead, Maggie’s punishment would be a forced entry into the Apex Games. The judge hopes she’ll die all the same, but Silva knows Mad Maggie is a tough nut to crack—and a useful potential asset against the Syndicate.

We can expect further details about the impact Mad Maggie’s entrance will have on our beloved legends in the run-up to the next season’s release in early February.