Fuse’s rival Maggie blows up Kings Canyon in Apex Legends’ season 8 launch trailer

Artillery and Slum Lakes could look very different next season.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn promised an “obliterated Kings Canyon” for Apex Legends’ eighth season. And that’s exactly what the newest launch trailer delivered today.

Maggie, Fuse’s friend-turned-rival, blew up a chunk of Kings Canyon in Apex‘s latest cinematic as a way to disrupt the Syndicate’s big plans for his inauguration into the Apex Games. She cuts Fuse’s induction ceremony short, but not without tearing down a piece of Kings Canyon in the process.

During the ceremony, Mags hacks the Syndicate’s ceremony ship and gives a stern warning through its speakers. “Legends, bring me this traitor’s other arm or say bye-bye to your precious games,” she says. After Fuse tells her that the gathering crowd was there to see a show, Mags opens fire against unarmed civilians (unsurprisingly, there are no Geneva Conventions in the Frontier).

Fuse destroys the ship with a grenade, but the show isn’t done. Maggie planted explosives in the arena–apparently near Slum Lakes and Artillery—and she detonates them in a fiery blast that lives up to Respawn’s description of an “obliterated” Kings Canyon.

The launch trailer points to far-reaching changes to the map, similar to how Loba blew up Skull Town in the season five launch trailer. The update should overhaul the northwest portion of the map, an area that’s been mostly untouched since the map launched. The only new addition to that section of the map was Containment, released in season two.

Maggie’s vendetta against Fuse isn’t surprising. In a teaser published yesterday, she revealed her intentions to “knock those bastards off,” and she plays a prominent role in Fuse’s episode of Stories from the Outlands—which didn’t end well for the new legend.

In the cinematic, Maggie reveals her ire at Salvo joining the Syndicate—an organization that she despises. Fuse tells her shortly after that he’s leaving for the Apex Games. She reacts with violence and bludgeons Fuse with a bottle, although he doesn’t seem to be looking for a fight. The short ends with Mags throwing a pinless grenade at Fuse, which blows his right arm clean off.

Apex‘s eighth season, Mayhem, will debut on Feb. 2—just two days ahead of the game’s two-year anniversary.