Apex teaser hints that someone wants to knock the Salvo ship out of the sky

“Time to knock the bastards off.”

Screengrab via PlayApex

Someone’s about to crash the party in Apex Legends. A teaser released today suggests that someone wants to take down the ceremony ship, a colossal aircraft that flaunts the addition of the planet Salvo to Syndicate airspace.

The teaser shows a poster with a photo of the ship and the words “join the ceremony.” Someone vandalizes the poster, however, with a less than subtle message: "Time to knock the bastards off."

The person who vandalized the ship was likely Fuse's childhood friend Mags, who appeared in the latest episode of Stories from the Outlands, “Good as Gold.” In the short, she voices her discontent at Fuse for leaving Salvo to join the Apex Game—and blows his arm off with a grenade.

An earlier teaser, released before the animated short launched, showed a vandalized poster of Fuse with the word “Traitor” scrawled on it. The style matches the writings on the ceremony ship's teaser and hints that Mad Maggie will try to swat the blimp out of the air.

The teaser points in the direction of a popular theory that Mags would try to take down the ship. If she comes through with her plans, however, it'll likely take place during the season eight launch trailer, which is scheduled to be released at 10am CT tomorrow.

Respawn has already teased a grim fate for the battle royale's first map. The next season will feature an “obliterated Kings Canyon,” according to the official website, after Fuse's arrival. It's possible that Mags will try to take out the Salvo ship and it will land on Kings Canyon, forcing significant changes upon the map.

Apex's eighth season, Mayhem, will begin on Feb. 2 and bring in the new legend Fuse, alongside a map update to Kings Canyon and the 30-30 repeater. In the meantime, though, players can catch a glimpse of the season with the launch trailer tomorrow.