Kings Canyon returns to Apex’s map rotation for the weekend

Consider it a warm-up to the ranked split.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

This weekend, Apex Legends is all about Kings Canyon.

Apex’s first map returned to the rotation today as the stage for casual game modes. Kings Canyon will stay in the rotation until March 23, but it won’t be away for long.

Players will jump into the season two version of Kings Canyon, complete with Wraith’s Town Takeover from the Voidwalker event. This was the latest playable version in casual game modes before the map was replaced by World’s Edge in season three.

Kings Canyon returns next week for good as part of the midseason split in competitive mode. Ranked Series 3 will be divided into two halves, each played on a different map. Starting March 24, competitive matches will take place on Kings Canyon. It’s unclear if the map will suffer adjustments like World’s Edge did.

Although Kings Canyon was officially kicked out of the map rotation for season three, the map made a series of limited-time returns. The Shadowfall game mode, part of Apex’s Halloween event, took place on Kings Canyon.

The arena also made a short-lived appearance during the Grand Soirée and hosted a week of the Déjà Loot limited-time mode in the System Override collection event. The original version of Kings Canyon was available for a weekend in February, too.

A data miner uncovered the map’s early return before the ranked split. “There will be a small 3 day LTM before the Ranked Split to allow players to practice on and adjust to the King’s Canyon map,” Shrugtal tweeted.