Apex data miner teases Kings Canyon LTM before the ranked split

Players might be able to warm up on the map before it reaches competitive playlists.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ initial map may make an early return.

Data miner Shrugtal teased a limited-time mode that would allow players to dive into Kings Canyon before the ranked split. The event is supposed to take place between March 20 and 23, according to Shrugtal.

“There will be a small 3 day LTM before the Ranked Split to allow players to practice on and adjust to the King’s Canyon map,” he tweeted alongside bits of code. The game files show that the LTM is scheduled to run for three days between March 20 and 23, shortly before Kings Canyon makes its way to the split.

Kings Canyon is scheduled to host ranked matches for the second half of Apex’s season four and should be the only playable arena in competitive matches starting on March 24. It’s unclear, however, if the map will make a permanent return to casual modes after the ranked split.

“So, the only playlist with a timer for 2020-03-24 is Canyonlands Ranked,” the data miner tweeted. “There isn’t a pub ‘Survival’ equivalent.” The information also conflicts with a previously-unearthed game teaser for an upcoming mini-event.

Shrugtal announced that an in-game teaser for a Bloodhound Town Takeover is scheduled on March 31. That date is exactly a week after the ranked split and fans presumed the event would take place on Kings Canyon. This may not be the case, however.

“I think it’s pretty unclear *where* the Bloodhound TT will be,” Shrugtal explained. “Given the current information I wouldn’t be able to say if it would be on King’s Canyon or World’s Edge.”

Even if Kings Canyon doesn’t make it to casual modes, players should be able to dive into Apex’s map this month—either as part of a limited-time mode or in ranked matches.