Japan is getting a Nessie-themed Apex Legends café

These treats are literally too good to eat.

A Nessie pokes its head out of a blue cake.
Image via EA

Apex Legends fans in Japan have something big to look forward to: a new Nessie-themed café in Tokyo.

The café will open in Tokyo’s Shibuya district in July and will feature a wide variety of photogenic Nessie food, according to Alpha Intel and a Japanese-language post on the Tower Records website. The warehouse-style facility will offer sweets that incorporate plenty of Nessies as well as themed drinks for all 21 legends in Apex. Visitors will also be able to purchase plenty of souvenirs.

The café, which is being hosted on the eighth floor of Tower Records Shibuya, is perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to sip an electric-blue Wattson drink and munch on Nessie pancakes. Reservations are required for interested visitors.

Japan, and Tokyo in particular, is known around the world for its huge number of video game-themed cafés. Series as diverse as Pokémon and Monster Hunter have received dedicated cafés featuring dishes and drinks that are designed to be as adorable and photogenic as possible. Alas, many of these restaurants are only pop-up restaurants or temporary affairs, so international fans don’t always have the opportunity to try them out. Tokyo also boasts several Pokémon Centers, the place to be if you’re looking for exclusive merchandise.

The Nessie café appears to be the first Apex-themed location in Japan. And here at Dot, we’re hoping it’s the first of many more around the world.