How to download Apex Legends Mobile APK and OBB for Android

Your favorite battle royale is now available on mobile devices as well.

Though other battle royales have been on mobile platforms for a while now, Apex Legends has remained on PC and consoles. That’s about to change, however, since a beta test for Apex Legends Mobile will be released in select regions soon after being announced a few weeks ago.

Pre-registered users from India and the Philippines will be the first to test out Apex Legends Mobile, while the rest of the world will need to wait a little bit more until more bugs are fixed and the game gets ready for a global release.

Considering the demands are off the charts, some players may not see Apex Legends Mobile in the Google Play Store despite securing themself an invite. If you received a notification saying that you can now play Apex Legends Mobile but can’t seem to download it, you can resort to alternative methods that will help you skip waiting for it to show up in the Google Play Store.

Once you sideload a game’s OBB and APK files, it’ll be automatically added to your library and it’ll be just like you’d downloaded it off of its Google Play Store page.

Apex Legends Mobile requires around four GB of free storage on your Android device during installation. You should also make sure that you have enough space before installing the game to ensure everything goes smoothly.

How to download Apex Legends Mobile APK and OBB

Download both the APK and OBB files of Apex Legends Mobile to your Android device. Once the downloading process finishes, you’ll need to find where these files are located in your phone/tablet via the file manager.

Find the downloaded files and tap on the APK to start the installation process. If this is your first time installing an APK, you may receive a warning about installing apps from unknown sources. You’ll need to enable this feature to continue the installation process. In cases where you miss the pop-up, you can navigate to Settings – Safety and Privacy to enable the Install Apps from Unknown Source feature.

The APK should be installed in a matter of minutes. After that, you’ll need to move the OBB file to the right location. The destination you’ll be looking for is “”

After moving the OBB file to its destination, Apex Legends Mobile will be ready to play and you’ll be able to sign in with your credentials if you were invited to the closed beta.

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