Here’s why the little girl in Apex’s season 4 trailer could be upcoming legend Loba

Another trailer, another teaser.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

After days of teasers for Apex Legends season four, Respawn finally released the Assimilation trailer—and Revenant might not be the only new character in it.

Fans are certainly excited to see Revenant make an appearance in the Apex Games after the trailer explored his motive for feuding with Hammond. But a little girl witnessed her parents get brutally killed at the hands of the rogue simulacrum, which likely sets up the story for a new character, Loba.

Here’s why the little girl in the trailer might be Loba.

Data miner finds Loba in the game’s files

Screengrab via That1MiningGuy

Data miners have long found files that mention a “Loba,” whose alias appears to have changed from “Rosie” in her development. That1MiningGuy discovered a move list that would allow the legend to throw a disc and teleport to wherever it lands, similar to Overwatch’s Sombra.

Loba would also be able to see nearby loot through walls and deploy a device that steals all the loot in an area, according to That1MiningGuy’s speculations. Though Respawn hasn’t confirmed these abilities, the data miner has a track record of accurately leaking information.

The wolf

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The little girl’s father, Marcos Andrade, is clearly the target of Revenant’s attack. A target dossier reveals that he’s a con-man who runs a “Bonnie-and-Clyde” operation with his wife and he speaks Portuguese.

During a lunch at a fancy restaurant in a skyscraper, Marcos gifts his daughter a metallic wolf figurine. This directly connects to the name “Loba,” which means “wolf” in Portuguese. It’s unclear if the little girl’s name is Loba or if it was a loving nickname. But it’s completely possible that the little girl would grow up to seek revenge on her parents’ murderer and rename herself “Loba.”

Like father, like daughter

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Marcos is referred to as a “thief for hire” in the dossier. Loba’s epithet, according to the files found by That1MiningGuy, is the Translocating Thief. Assuming the little girl picked something up from her father’s con-artist lifestyle, Loba could grow up to be a thief to make ends meet. Loba could’ve been forced into crime for survival due to the loss of her parents and guardians.

Respawn’s done this before

Respawn has a habit of teasing future characters in its trailers. In the season two Battle Charge launch trailer, a mysterious figure is seen hacking and destroying the Repulsor. This unknown hacker was eventually released in season three as Crypto. It’s likely that a season five character could’ve been teased in today’s Assimilation trailer.

Respawn hasn’t confirmed any of this information. Apex season four kicks off next Tuesday, Feb. 4.