Revenant, not Forge, is the latest character in Apex Legends’ season 4

Season four begins Feb. 4.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

It’s out with the champion and in with the assassin.

Apex Legends’ season four trailer revealed today that Revenant is the next legend to join the fight. Respawn also gave fans more details on his backstory and the reasons behind his vendetta against Hammond Robotics.

The video appears to be set approximately 25 years before the events of Apex. The cinematic shows a seemingly human version of Revenant pursuing his next assignment. A telling news segment on his screen shows that Hammond Robotics is receiving criticism for its simulacrum program. In the Titanfall universe, simulacra are essentially robots infused with human minds.

The screen tilts to an image of his target, con-man and thief for hire Marcos Andrade. The target has a 10,000,000 bounty on his head and will be heavily guarded.

Revenant takes the assignment and climbs up the mirrored façade. The screen shows his robotic form, but the reflection that fans see is him as a human. The assassin breaks through a window and unleashes a brutal attack on Andrade’s security detail. He assassinates his target, but his young daughter escapes.

During the fight, Revenant is injured and his programming starts to fail. The glitch allows him to see his actual form, rather than his projected human self. The realization that he was turned into a simulacrum sent him on a rampage against the company.

“Hammond Robotics’ return to the Outlands has renewed his thirst for vengeance, and he won’t stop until they’re all dead,” the official Apex account said.

Revenant, not Forge

Revenant was first revealed by data miners but rose to prominence after Respawn gave fans a first official look at the character in the trailer for Apex’s Halloween-themed event, Fight or Fright. He also hosted a limited-time mode during the event, lending his terrifying voice to Shadowfall. Players believed he’d be the next legend in the game until Respawn slyly revealed that spot belonged to Jimmie “Forge” McCormick.

Forge’s announcement prompted some confusion in the fan base. Revenant was officially showcased just months ago and data miners regularly uncovered new bits of information about him in the game files. Forge, on the other hand, was an obscure legend that mostly flew under the radar and wasn’t expected to join the game in the near future.

Respawn doubled down on Forge’s release and launched a series of small promotional campaigns echoing his past as a fighter and setting the stage for his debut in the Apex Games. He was sponsored by Hammond Robotics, a mysterious corporation that plays a significant role in the path to season four.

Forge’s media appearances culminated in a segment titled “Up Close and Personal with Lisa Stone,” shared on Apex’s official Twitter account.

The interview kicks off well until Revenant sneaks into the facility and stabs Forge in the back before vanishing. The late champion was pronounced dead at the scene and Respawn’s official stance on the character is that his death is final.

But killing off Hammond Robotics’ protégé wasn’t the end to Revenant’s campaign against the company. In a series of teasers, the legend broke into several of its facilities, stole classified data, and may have killed three of its employees. He was briefly caught on camera during one of his ambushes and there’s enough footage to rekindle a 25-year cold case.

Apex’s next season is called Assimilation and will kick off on Feb. 4. But Revenant isn’t the only novelty in the game. Players can take a shot at the Sentinel sniper rifle, try to reach the new Master rank in the latest ranked series, and revisit Kings Canyon starting in March.