Everything we know about Apex Legends’ Shadow Royale limited-time mode

The terrifying LTM is part of Apex's Halloween event.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Halloween is coming to Apex Legends and it’s bringing another one of Revenant’s machinations. This year’s Fight or Fright event features a new limited-time mode called “Shadow Royale,” a unique game mode where death is just the beginning of the fight.

When a player dies, they return in a terrifying shadow form, complete with extra mobility and devastating melee attacks. Legends will remain as shadows as long as one of the members of the squad is still alive.

Shadow Royale takes place in an alternate dimension of Kings Canyon where Revenant rules supreme. It’s the same version of the map that players visited in The Broken Ghost, Apex‘s season five quest—and it’s filled with the same shadow Prowlers, based on the trailer.

The new limited-time mode has a different ruleset, though. Squad members that die will come back as a shadow as long as there’s one player alive. Shadows work similarly to last year’s Shadowfall game mode, but with even more ways to stalk their prey due to increased mobility. Shadows reportedly have 65 HP, according to data miner Shrugtal—an improvement over Shadowfall’s 30 HP.

Based on the trailer and data-mined findings, Shadows can wall-run and double jump, movement mechanics that hail straight from Apex‘s sister franchise, Titanfall. Although they can’t use weapons, they’re armed with a devastating melee attack and the perfect tools to get up close and personal to their target.

The trailer also shows a squad fighting off shadow Prowlers, similar to the season five quest. Data-mined findings hinted that players may get to earn pets to fight alongside them in battle in the limited-time mode—and the official website points toward that idea.

“Don’t be surprised if your squad ends up with an additional, honorary squad member at some point in the match,” the post reads. “Revenant is running a shelter for abandoned hell-beasts, and you might just end up adopting one to help you win the match.”

Prowlers are somewhat sturdy with around 100 health and can deal devastating damage to enemies. They also draw enemy fire, creating a good opportunity for a shadow to flank an enemy.

Shadow Royale kicks off on Oct. 22 when the Fight or Fright event goes live.