Everything we know about Apex Legends season 12: Defiance

Get ready for madness.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

With only two weeks left of Apex Legends season 11, Respawn Entertainment released a new “Stories from the Outlands” this week. The animated short revealed an upcoming legend and officially started the hype for season 12. 

The launch trailer for the new season will drop on Jan. 27, so there’s still a lot to be unveiled. But here’s everything we know so far about Apex season 12: Defiance.

New legend: Mad Maggie

Image via Respawn Entertainment

As revealed in the animated short, the 20th legend to join the Apex Games is Mad Maggie, a familiar face in the Apex universe. Maggie was first introduced to players in season eight as Fuse’s old friend from the world of Salvo and as a temporary announcer during the War Games event.

We don’t know much about Maggie’s abilities just yet, but fans have been taking guesses based on her official art. In the picture, she’s seen holding some sort of a shield, as well as a menacing whip-like sword. We’ll have to wait a little longer to know for sure what kind of mayhem Maggie will bring to the Arena.

New LTM: Control 

Defiance will feature a new game mode called Control. In this LTM, two teams of nine will battle to hold control points with pre-selected loadouts and infinite respawns. 

The details of the game mode aren’t out yet, but it’s a familiar concept from games like Call of Duty or even Respawn’s own Destiny 2. Fans who have been begging for a game mode with respawns should be pleased with this new addition.

The Control LTM will be available for players during the first three weeks of Defiance, according to Respawn. 

Olympus returns 

Olympus is officially making a return after its absence during season 11. The official Apex Legends website says there’s going to be a “new view from Olympus” and that “something’s different about the floating city.” 

In an ad for Apex’s third anniversary, a city with floating cars can be seen underneath Olympus, suggesting the city has floated to a new location or maybe descended from above the clouds. The map updates are yet to be revealed, though.

Apex’s third anniversary

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Season 12 is set to start just in time for Apex’s third anniversary. During the first three weeks of Defiance, players will earn free login rewards to celebrate the big milestone. 

Players who log in from Feb. 8 to 15 will unlock Octane, plus three thematic packs. In week two (Feb. 15 to 22), players will unlock Wattson and three thematic packs. During week three (Feb. 22 to March 1), players will unlock Valkyrie, as well as another three thematic packs and a legendary pack. Players will receive rewards even if they have already unlocked the three legends. 

Apex season 12, Defiance, will launch on Feb. 8.