EA fixes issue that banned lots of Apex Legends players for no reason

The users were doing all sorts of in-game activities when the ban hit—and some of them weren't even in-game.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

An unknown issue mistakenly banned hundreds of Apex Legends players this morning. EA acknowledged the issue and resolved it in a matter of hours, according to its official support account.

Social media was flooded with reports from players who claimed they were banned for no reason. The moderation team for r/apexlegends, the largest subreddit dedicated to the game, went as far as creating a specific thread for users to discuss their ban, and Steam discussion pages also brimmed with reports of wrongful suspensions.

There seemed to be no clear common denominator on what players were doing when they got banned. Reports detailed users were taking a series of actions when the ban hit—pinging a weapon, taking a jump tower, and even being inactive on the main menu. Some also claimed to be offline when the suspensions were issued.

A couple of hours later, EA Help confirmed that the login issues had been resolved, and several players reported that they were starting to get unbanned. It’s unclear how long the process of lifting the punishments may take, however. Although the company seems to be handling the issue, players who by any chance are still erroneously locked out of their games should follow the steps on EA Help’s official page about banned or suspended accounts.

This is hardly the first interruption to hit Apex after the launch of its new season, Legacy. The update released on May 4, but Respawn’s servers faced an issue that stopped players from accessing Apex Legends for hours after Legacy went live—and those who could log into the game were stuck with only using the base legends and the default skins.