Crypto’s hack is successful in latest Apex Legends teaser

Decryption is at 65 percent.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

In what feels like the millionth Crypto teaser, Respawn dropped another hint on the Apex Legends Twitter today, suggesting that the hacker finally broke into The Syndicate’s system.

The log-in attempt was successful and began another countdown with the loading percentage on the tweet at one percent. The Bio section of Apex’s Twitter was “hacked” and is decrypting, now sitting at 65 percent.

Apex theorist FrozenFroh commented on the Twitter thread, explaining that the progress bar will likely reach 95 percent tomorrow. The savvy theorist also believes that a season three trailer might drop tomorrow or Friday.

“Trailer for S2 dropped 5 days before S2, tomorrow it would be 5 days before S3,” FrozenFroh said. “They could always change it this time, and besides, the number in this tweet says 92710 which is probably 9/27 at 10 am PST.”

FrozenFroh believes that the numbers “00927_10” on the tweet likely refer to the date that the trailer will drop, Sept. 27 at 10am PST (12pm CT), which coincides with TwitchCon 2019.

Crypto attempted to break into the system yesterday but was unsuccessful.

Respawn partnered up with Apex pro Coby “dizzy” Meadows yesterday for yet another teaser in which Crypto “hacked” the streamer’s broadcast. The developers are putting a lot of effort into the release of the newest legend, which is greatly appreciated by the community.

Stay tuned for more Crypto teasers before season three is released on Oct. 1.