Dizzy was hacked by Crypto while streaming Apex Legends

Respawn is ramping up the excitement for the debut of Crypto.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The infamous hacker Crypto has struck once again after his symbol reappeared on Apex Legends professional player Coby “dizzy” Meadows’ stream yesterday.

During a trios match, dizzy and his NRG teammates Marshall Mohr and streamer Mason “symfuhny” Lanier went up against enemy players inside a cave. When dizzy approached a small house, a cryptic red overlay started to appear on his stream. 

After the cryptic messages started to dissipate, an eerie red symbol emerged with the numbers “3333” shown in the center of the screen. 

This is most likely a tease for Crypto since this symbol is strikingly familiar to the one seen at the end of the official backstory video for the character. During the video, the symbol flashes on the screen before the Apex logo is shown. It shows a menacing robot-like face with a hood on top and electrical wiring throughout. 

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

This symbol is synonymous with Crypto because he’s a hacker who’s looking to seek revenge on a mysterious Mercenary Syndicate that took “everything” from him. 

Respawn was likely just teasing Crypto through dizzy’s stream and this isn’t an actual feature in-game. This is most likely the case because dizzy was unfazed by the symbol, suggesting that it was shown through his PC rather than his game. Due to this stream being sponsored, Respawn could be partnering with dizzy to promote Crypto and his abilities, especially his ability to hack into whatever he pleases. 

Respawn has been displaying Crypto’s abilities elsewhere. He’s seemingly hacked the official Twitter account for Apex since the display text has been altered while the description is “running decryption.”

Crypto is almost certainly set to be released in season three, which launches on Oct. 1.