Apex’s third anniversary collection event to give players matching skins based on existing legendaries

Celebrating iconic story beats has never been so fashionable.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ new gameplay trailer gave fans more details on what to expect when its 12th season, Defiance, lands on Feb. 8, including a new collection event to satisfy every squad’s needs for matching looks.

Apex’s third anniversary will bring with it a collection event that will function a little differently from its predecessors. Instead of getting unique looks, characters will get legendary skins inspired by pre-existing cosmetics for other legends that have a narrative connection with them.

Wattson and Mirage, for instance, will get new legendary skins with a streetwear look themed around the infamous Hype Beast Crypto skin. Bangalore and Valkyrie, the two budding suitors in a blooming love triangle with Loba, get a cybernetic makeover with legendary skins to match Loba’s Purple Reign skin. Mad Maggie will get a legendary visual in her first collection event as well, donning ghostly pirate attire alongside Bloodhound based around Fuse’s Dread Captain skin. More squad sets will be available to browse when the collection event goes live.

Each week of the third anniversary event will also bring with it a new free legend to unlock, as well as three free Apex Packs themed around that legend. On Feb. 8, Octane will be the first available, followed by Wattson on Feb. 15 and Valkyrie rounding out the celebrations on Feb. 22. Valkyrie’s week is particularly special, awarding players a Legendary Apex Pack alongside her character-themed ones for some guaranteed legendary loot.

Apex‘s third anniversary event will most likely end on March 1, after Valkyrie’s free week comes to a close, so make sure to snag the cosmetics before the Tuesday reset. The event’s runtime will be in parallel with the new limited-time mode, Control, which you can learn the basics of here.