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Apex season 3 gameplay trailer reveals new skins, Crypto ultimate, and more

Meltdown launches Oct. 1.

With season three just around the corner, Apex Legends fans have finally gotten a gameplay trailer showing off what’s in store for the battle royale.

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Respawn Entertainment dropped a season trailer yesterday to give fans a brief overview of the season. By the end of the day, however, the Apex developer released a second trailer giving players a first look at the gameplay for season three.

The trailer shows additional areas that can be found in World’s Edge, the game’s new map, and the next playable character Crypto, as well as a few new skins for the season.

Crypto ultimate

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The season’s gameplay trailer shows a very brief clip of Crypto using what appears to be his ultimate ability. He sends out his drone, and the screen is then replaced by the drone’s perspective. At the bottom of the screen, it shows the remaining range while on the left side, it says “flight mode,” suggesting the drone may have different modes players can use.

In the middle of the screen, viewers can make out the words “to target.” It’s possible that Crypto can send his drone to a specific location or have it perform a specific task—but the drone’s full list of functions remains to be seen.

Although Respawn has yet to reveal the full list of Crypto’s abilities and their descriptions, the Apex developer has slowly given fans clues as to what they may be. In the legend’s Stories from the Outlands video, he uses his drone to track his attackers’ locations and throws out an EMP to halt enemy drones when they get to close. He also hacks a door open before sliding underneath at the last second.

New legendary skins

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The gameplay trailer also revealed a few new skins in store for the season. Both Lifeline and Pathfinder have what seem to be legendary skins that take on a season-themed ice and fire look.

Pathfinder’s new skin has redesigned the robot as blocks of ice with what appears to be icicles sticking out of his shoulders. On the other hand, Lifeline’s skin has redesigned the combat medic as devilish and engulfed in flames. Her eyes are bright red, and she appears to have veins of magma going down her torso.

Respawn has also revealed a new skin for Crypto. In the skin, the hacker is dressed in all black with his hair spiked up.

World’s Edge

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Fans got their first glimpse of the new map with the season trailer yesterday, but the new gameplay trailer has given players a closer look.

The map features two large towers, one surrounded by lava while the other is impaled by ice shards. Similarly, the space elevator teased earlier in the week is a highlight of the map, but it’s unclear if players will be able to enter the structure to loot. Surrounding the space elevator are tall skyscrapers. Later in the trailer, players can see legends enter buildings that have multiple levels, so it may be possible for players to enter the skyscrapers.

Players will in fact be able to reenter skydive mode like they could with the Wraith portal at Singh Labs in Kings Canyon. This time, however, it won’t be through a portal. World’s Edge comes with a steam geyser, which players will be able to jump into to reposition themselves around the map.

Perhaps the most anticipated feature of World’s Edge is its train, which moves around the map on a track. The train doesn’t seem to move as fast as it did in the season trailer but will still serve as a useful tool for players looking to loot and rotate positions simultaneously.

Fans can explore World’s Edge when the season goes live on Oct. 1.

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