Everything we know about Apex’s new map: World’s Edge

Get ready for a season of ice and fire.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans finally got their first glimpse of the battle royale’s new map, named World’s Edge, with the release of the season three trailer today. Although Respawn is remaining relatively tight-lipped about the map’s new features, today’s trailer has revealed a few new areas fans can expect to explore when the map launches with season three.

Toward the middle of the trailer, Crypto and Mirage look out over the new arena as they prepare to jump from the aircraft. The map is highlighted by a frozen area and a lava pit with green space scattered in between the two major areas.

For the icy side of the map, there’s a tower that’s been impaled by giant ice shards and a frozen city. Later in the trailer, Crypto approaches the tower, which has been split in half by the ice. It’s unclear if the structure will house loot, although the tower may resemble that of the Cage in Kings Canyons.

On the opposite side of the map, there’s a fiery pit. The trailer shows that there are a few buildings in the area. The structures lie on broken earth, however, and it appears as though there are multiple streams of lava that players will need to avoid while exploring the pit.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Later in the trailer, the legends fight on a train. Judging from the map overview, the tracks circle the icy area of World’s Edge with at least two stations centered at the bottom and middle areas of the map. Players will likely be able to make rotations around the arena using this means of transportation.

Other areas of the map include the space elevator teased earlier in the week. There seem to be several tall skyscrapers with a few shorter buildings around the structure. Additionally, the trailer revealed a greenhouse, although its exact location on the map remains unknown.

Players will be able to explore all that World’s Edge has to offer when the new season launches on Oct. 1.