New Apex season 3 teaser unveils operations for space elevator

The files have been decrypted.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A second post from the official Apex Legends Twitter account has revealed the contents of the files Crypto successfully hacked into earlier in the day. The files seem to contain the operations for what appears to be a space elevator from Titanfall 2—a structure that many fans are theorizing will be used to transport players to the battle royale’s next map.

The post shows images of a large structure next to multiple lines of text reading “location ready,” “Ares broadcast on,” and “key: World’s Edge.” The images of the structure rotate before the post glitches out, showing Crypto’s icon.

The structure shown in the images is nearly identical to the space elevator from Eden, a map in Titanfall 2. The space elevator can be seen far off in the distance of the map. It’s unknown what purpose this structure may serve in Apex, although since a space elevator would be used to reach space, many fans are theorizing the elevator would serve as a potential transportation method to the battle royale’s next map.

Yesterday, the Apex Twitter account posted a letter from Crypto telling the recipient he plans to go to a place called New Dawn to find evidence. It’s unclear where or what New Dawn is, but the second half of the letter suggests it may be on a separate planet, since Crypto says he hopes he doesn’t die before “going off-planet.”

Season three kicks off on Oct. 1. Respawn Entertainment will likely reveal more information regarding the season and the game’s new playable character Crypto in the days leading up to the season’s launch.