Cryptic Apex message may be hinting at a new planet

These “answers” just raise more questions.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new tweet from the official Apex Legends Twitter account has fans scratching their heads. The tweet takes the form of a letter—but its not just any old lore. A cryptic message hidden inside the document’s wording may reveal more information about the battle royale’s upcoming third season.

At first, the message reads like an innocent letter from a son telling his mother about his attempts to swoon a crush at a party. But after a few seconds, numerous sentences glitch out and are replaced by other phrases, changing the meaning of the letter.

“I took down the Repulsor tower,” the hidden message reads. “I had no idea it would be so insane. I’m hoping the damage was enough to close Kings Canyon, so I can hitch a ride on the dropship off Solace and find the evidence I need somewhere in New Dawn.”

Fans already know it was Crypto who took down the Repulsor Tower thanks to the games season two trailer, but it’s unclear what “evidence” he’s searching for. The character’s Stories from the Void video may give fans clues as to what this might be, however. The hacker’s companion, Mila, is abducted by the Syndicate and he’s framed for crimes shortly after. The evidence mentioned in today’s letter may refer to the location of Crypto’s friend or proof that he’s being framed for crimes he didn’t commit.

In the Titanfall franchise, Solace is a planet on The Frontier and is also where the Apex Games are held. It’s unclear where or what New Dawn is—whether the location is a city or a new planet. The phrasing seems to suggest it’s just a city or another region (in New Dawn vs. on New Dawn). This second part of the letter seems to suggest New Dawn may actually be off-planet, however.

“I just hope I see you one more time, and I don’t get blown up before I go off-planet,” the tweet continues. “(Sorry, Paranoia leads to gallows humor.) Thank you for always being the mom I needed. I’ll be in touch. Try not to worry too much. What’s that you always say? It’s hard to be scared when you’re prepared.”

The secret message is signed with a single letter: “C”—likely for Crypto.

Today’s teaser comes after Respawn posted three cryptic tweets over the past few days. Yesterday, a savvy fan decrypted the most recent post into a single message: “answers tomorrow.”

If today’s cryptic letter is part of the “answers” promised in yesterday’s tweet, it does little but raise more questions. But fans can expect Respawn to share more information regarding Crypto and the battle royale’s new season in the days leading up to Meltdown’s launch on Oct. 1.