Fans decrypt hidden messages in hacked Apex Legends tweets

Crypto's debut is drawing near.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Some Apex Legends fans might be getting sick of the Crypto teasers—but too bad, there’s more.

The community joined together to decipher the cryptic tweets Respawn has been posting on Twitter. One fan compiled all of the information in a Reddit post today, sharing everything you need to know about the decoded messages.

The decoding began yesterday when one savvy fan put together all of the glitched letters from a PlayApex tweet to spell out “answers tomorrow.” Since then, fans retraced their steps to figure out hidden messages in the two previous hacked tweets.

While the glitched letters didn’t seem to spell out anything at first, fans figured out that they might be anagrams, or words spelled out by rearranging the letters. The first glitched tweet from Sept. 20 had the following letters affected: “oualigrnojWsnr.” By changing the order of the letters, the hidden message seems to be “journal is wrong.”

Apex theorist FrozenFroh surmised that the “journal” is likely in reference to the Outlands Journal, where reporter Angela Fazia questioned who could be responsible for the destruction of the Repulsor.

“But one vital question still lingers: who wanted to put a stop to the Apex Games, and why?” Fazia said. “The Syndicate recently had a run-in with a rival organization on the planet Talos—could they have been responsible for this attack?”

Although Fazia hypothesizes that the culprit may be affiliated with a rival organization, Crypto’s message denies the accusation. The recent Crypto trailer may also disprove Fazia’s implication since the hacker’s motives seem to be fueled by the abduction of his alleged sister, Mila. 

The second hacked tweet’s letters can be rearranged to spell “not a killer.” Crypto is using his hacking abilities to prove his innocence and possibly take down The Syndicate for taking everything from him.

As Apex fans awaited the “answers” that yesterday’s tweet hinted at, a new tweet was revealed today further teasing Crypto’s motives.

In a message that seems to be meant for Crypto’s mother, seemingly innocent words get switched out to reveal a hidden message about his plans.

Crypto was first teased almost four months ago when a mysterious figure was seen hacking the Repulsor in season two’s trailer. With season three’s Meltdown scheduled to release on Oct. 1, fans will finally get to travel through Kings Canyon with the hacker.