Cryptic tweet suggests new Apex season 3 teaser is on its way

How fitting.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans got their first glimpse of the battle royale’s upcoming season three just last week. But a new cryptic tweet from the game’s official Twitter account seems to suggest more teasers for the season and its newest legend could be on the way soon.

“Season 2 comes to an electrifying conclusion on 9/30,” the tweet reads. “This is your final week to charge through the Battle Pass and climb toward more ways to show off your Rank with Series 1 Ranked rewards before Season 3 – Meltdown begins on 10/1.”

The tweet wasn’t just a normal tweet, however. Every so often, a letter would be replaced by one with different accents in what seemed to mimic a glitch. At first, it appeared as though this style of writing was a simple teaser for the game’s newest character Crypto, as if he was hacking into the post himself. But one savvy fan strung together all of the affected letters and found that they created a message: “Answers tomorrow.”

Today’s tweet isn’t the first to utilize the same style of writing, but it’s the first one that seems to spell out a message.

Respawn Entertainment has teased Crypto for months. Before the release of season two in July, the Repulsor Tower fell to the ground after being hacked. Shortly afterwards, the season two trailer dropped, showing fans the first look at Crypto as he typed away on a laptop, causing the tower to fall. The Apex developer even recently added the mysterious character to the game, where he can be found in one of the rooms at Singh Labs.

If Respawn is dropping more news about the upcoming season tomorrow, it may be an official reveal for Crypto’s abilities. The Apex developer has made a habit of announcing all of a new character’s abilities prior to their release and even previewed all of Wattson’s abilities a month ahead of her arrival on live servers. While we’ve had data miners leak Crypto’s abilities, we’ve yet to see any confirmation from the game’s developer.

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Season three, which is named Meltdown, kicks off on Oct. 1. The new season will introduce Crypto, a new ranked series, the Charge Rifle, and more. Fans can expect additional information about the season and Crypto’s abilities in the days leading up to the season’s launch.